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We invite you to learn more about the Oregon colleges and universities
listed below.

Some of the colleges we list are traditional in their majors and class
schedules. Others offer more career focused degree training,
accelerated degree programs, credit for life experience, and more flexible class

All colleges listed are fully accredited, and virtually all offer
financial aid to qualified students. Most offer day, night, and/or weekend
classes, to allow students to schedule classes around their work hours. In most
instances, colleges will welcome both part time and full time students.

Before investigating the Oregon colleges and universities below,
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weekly updates.



Cambridge College - Portland, OR

Pioneer Pacific College - Clackamas, OR

Concorde Career Institute - Portland, OR

Apollo College - Portland, OR

Ashmead College - Portland, Ore.

Everest College - Portland, OR

Warner Pacific College - Portland, OR

Oregon Culinary Institute

Pioneer Pacific College - Springfield, OR

Pioneer Pacific College - Health Career Institute

Pioneer Pacific College - Wilsonville, OR









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